michael rosewood

Michael Rosewood accidental law firm identity is a concept project geared to create an identity for an accidental law firm that exhibits "warmth, caring, justice, and trustworthy law."



Logo and Business Collateral

CHALLENGE: To create a brand identity that exhibited the values of "warmth, caring, justice, and trustworthy law.

SOLUTION: To create an identity for a law firm that exhibited the values of warmth, caring, justice, and trustworthy law, I decided to give the visual identity a personality using the color palette and pattern choices. I used an strong orange to show warmth, enthusiasm, and caring contrasted with a dark blue to display trust and justice. The rectangular patterns used throughout the identity were created to emphasize trust, because of it's strong shape, all while creating a unified system of personality towards the brand.




When designing the logo for the identity, I wanted to create a logo that would display a sense of personality and appear personable for the brand. So I decided to create a logotype for the identity and use the name as the logo. I also used the initials, MR, as the mark for the brand. In addition, I created different colored variations for the logo to give the brand a personality. 


Finalized Logo


BUSINESS COLLATERAL and Marketing Materials