Christmas Animation 

The Happy Birthday Animation was a personal project created to show, what I believe, is the true meaning for Christmas, to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.


Christmas Animation


CHALLENGE: To design an animation that displayed a light-hearted, fun, Christmas vibe while highlighting the importance of the day in a pleasing manner.

SOLUTION: To create a fun, playful animation piece, I decided to use different bold colors to give each frame a specific feel, while animating with a characterful typeface. The use of blue represents a calmness and inviting feel to gauge the audience. Red is used to highlight the “advertised meaning” of Christmas. While the green represents the peak and arc of the animation, to tell the viewers what the meaning of day represents. The use of Purple highlights His Glory and Him. I decided to use a fun playful approach to keep it light and fun for the Christmas Holiday.


Boards for Animation