Animation bootcamp - school of motion

I enrolled in the School Of Motion's Animation Bootcamp course, a six-week intensive training course to learn the principles of animation. I enrolled in this course to learn more about animation and how it applies to motion design. After my last semester in school where I took a digital multimedia course that taught us about After Effects and Motion Graphics, I became interested in making my designs movements from the class, more fluid and feel better. I came across SOM's Animation Bootcamp and knew I needed to partake in the course. I love learning new skills and knew this would be an intensive and beneficial course to partake in. Below, are some projects I animated while attending the course. All assets were provided by the school so that we could focus on the animation. All animation was created by me



The following video below is a lesson in using eye trace to control the viewer's eye during the animation. 

Scrapbook Elvis

The following video below is a lesson in breaking some of the animation principles learned, but to break using the principles in an intentional way to still get the kind of animation you want.



The following animation was created after I was half way through the course. I had to use all the knowledge I learned to update an initial animation we created before the course began, to see how much we’ve improved in our animation lessons.