faith is a concept project for a women's t shirt company that displays abstract art, from artists around the world, on t shirts.



Logo, Signage, Business Collateral


CHALLENGE: To create a system of parts of a hypothetical brand you want to see in the real world based off of your personal values.

SOLUTION: All pieces of the brand identity were designed to depict the brand's values of faith, art, and connection. The color palette and paint drip patterns, was used to enhance the sporadic feeling of abstract art. The contrast of the geometric typeface paired with the paint drip substituted for the "i dot," was used to emphasize the powerful meaning of the word, while simultaneously, giving the word personable feeling and meaning. 


Early Logo Explorations


I faced a difficult challenge in determining a suitable logo for the identity. I knew I wanted the logo to be a logotype because of the power of the word I wanted the brand to exude. However, these early iterations of the paint drip for the logo were not suitable because they did not exude the brand's values. So I continued to create more paint splatter drips until I came upon the drip below which began to formulate the logo.


I decided to use two paint drips and group them together to create a sporadic feeling in the paint drip–just like paint splatter on a canvas. I also felt it necessary to combine the paint drip in to because it shows the value of connection in an abstract splattered form. 


faith Finalized Logo




faith Signage


The idea behind the design of the large billboard came from the thought of posing a question with a double meaning. The question of "do you have faith?" symbolizes both a value of the brand, do you have belief in something bigger than yourself, as well as, do you have faith apparel? I liked this double meaning because of the call to action it provokes. I decided to scatter the paint drips in different directions to not only show the value of abstract art but also to show the liveliness of the brand and colors. I used all small letters with the question to display friendliness to a serious question. 


faith Apparel